Sustains project

Project manager for the CMA: Edi ASSOUMOU

The aim of the Sustains project that began back in 2010 is to develop a visualization tool of the urban pre-programming phase (new towns). For this it is based on three elements: an urban model that generates the studied town, a model to assess energy impacts linked to this town and an interactive visualization tool of the defined urban system.

So from a generation model of urban structures the project aims at developing a new town characterized by different parameters such as the positioning of centralities (stations, hospital, shopping centers) and street blocks (residential areas etc…).

Energy consumption linked to this urban structure is assessed by the Areva TA – Armines/CMA-Artelys consortium. One of the specific objectives of the CMA is to define the method of calculating transport-linked energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This number crunching for a given urban pre-programming is actually one of the components to characterize the impact of energy linked to the town.

The different modules developed by each partner were integrated in 2013 and tested during the trial phase over the Marne-la-Vallée area.

Project partners: Artefacto-LIMSI- EPA Marne-LINA-Areva TA- Armines CMA-Artelys.

This project ended in 2014.

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