The issues of Smart Cities

CMA’s skills in real time computing, energy system optimization and long-term prospective allow it to understand the challenges raised by smart grids. The center is also involved in several large-scale projects relating to this theme.

The CMA took part in the GRID-TEAMS project and is involved in several projects linked to the sustainable town: the SUSTAINS project (FUI 10), urban pre-programming and assessment of energy impacts and the European CitInEs project relating to energy efficiency of cities in the long-term.

It is also associated with two projects linked to sustainable transport namely Infini Drive (A Call for a show of interest of the ADEME) and the EV STEP project, a European project financed by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy for the French part. Finally the CMA is taking part in the ANR SUD project that has just got underway.

The CMA also carries out research on water/energy issues, including a thesis by Gratien BONVIN supervised by Sophie Demassey. The problem of robust optimization of a microgrid is the focus of a CIFRE CMA/SNCF thesis by Aurélien Havel supervised by Sophie Demassey.

In addition, Sophie Demassey is working on energy efficiency for data centers in association with the SCALE team at Nice Sophia Antipolis University. For more information.


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