CitInES project

Project manager for the CMA: Edi ASSOUMOU

The CitInES project, which began back in 2011, consists in creating a multi-scale, multi-energy tool to optimize energy performance for the attention of towns and large industrial complexes that allow them to define sustainable, reliable and profitable energy strategies in the long term. The relevance of this tool must be shown through its use in the Italian towns of Cesena and Bologna as well as in the Turkish oil refinery of Tupras, all three partners of the project with Artelys France, AIT Austria, INESC Portugal, Armines/CMA, Schneider Electric, ERVET Italy and INRIA.
All vectors (electricity, gas, heat...), uses (heating, air conditioning, lighting, transport ...) and energy sectors (residential, industrial, land and urban infrastructures) must be taken into account in such a way as to obtain a holistic mapping of the energy performance of towns and industry. Energy strategy analyses will integrate long-term risk analyses to obtain robust scenarios vis-à-vis different conceivable parameters.

The CMA is developing Long-term potential models of energy systems for the towns of Cesena and Bologna.

The project will end in 2014.

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