EV-STEP project

Project manager: Edi ASSOUMOU

The EV-STEP project, introduced in 2012, was set up and is also managed by Edi ASSOUMOU. It brings together a consortium of four research laboratories in France, Germany and Denmark. Its aim is to implement a systemic modelling approach to analyze widespread development scenarios for electric cars. It relies on the joint use of two models, that of the MARKAL/TIMES family and the IMACLIM-S model. The research perimeter is multi-scalar starting from Europe towards a specific urban area in each of the countries involved. This research project over a 24 month period is financed for France by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable development and Energy and responds to the strategic focus 1 of Electromobility +.

The CMA’s mission in this project is to implement the energy consumption modelling platform on a European scale, to develop and analyze scenarios and define the dissemination strategy.

Website : www.ev-step.com


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