Infini Drive project

Responsables du projet pour le CMA : Nadia MAÏZI et Jean-Paul MARMORAT

The CMA is partner of the Infini Drive project that began at the end of 2011 and concerns the development of recharge infrastructures for electric vehicles. This is part of the Investments in the Future Program.

ERDF and the La Poste Group signed a partnership agreement in 2011 so they can join forces in a two year Research and Development Program via a consortium created at their initiative. This project concerns the design of a recharging infrastructure control system dedicated to their new fleets of electric vehicles. This program will be used as a benchmark for the industrial supply of recharging infrastructures and for the economically viable and sustainable deployment of fleets of corporate electric vehicles.
To successfully complete this program, the consortium brought together industrial and service companies as well as experts from the academic and research world: LORIA, CMA and I3M. It is based on trials carried out on several ERDF and La Poste sites spread out over four French urban areas: Grenoble, Nantes, Nice and Paris.

The aim is to design and deploy a recharging control system that allows ERDF and La Poste employees to carry out their usual assignments, to keep the overall cost of use in check while avoiding electric peaks in consumption that lead to an increase in CO2 emissions and require grid reinforcements.

In this project the CMA is in charge of studying the mathematical model and the optimized recharging control algorithm.

This project will end in 2014.



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