Doctoral training programme

The CMA is responsible for the Control, Optimization and Prospective (COP) doctoral specialty, which is part of the MINES-ParisTech doctoral training program and is co-accredited with the Doctoral School STIC (information and communication sciences and technologies) n° 84 at Nice Sophia-Antipolis University.
It covers the following themes:

  • Optimization and operational research
  • Intertemporal and multi-scale optimization models of the MARKAL/TIMES family
  • Control and decision-making mathematics
  • Long-term prospective modeling
  • Application of optimization techniques to:
           - energy, carbon and electricity markets
           - market risk
           - finance
  • Prospective of Energy-Climate issues for Smart Cities, Smart Grids, biofuels, bioenergies (biomass), water, low-carbon society (transport, residential, tertiary, industry, electricity industry), electric vehicles and carbon capture and sequestration technologies
  • Stochastic control
  • Decision-support
  • Identification and inverse problems in biomedical and geophysical applications
  • Variational formulations of electromagnetism applied to the issues of electric systems (reliability, losses, networks)
  • Embedded critical systems by reactive synchronous language
  • Recognition of behaviors by hidden Markov models and reactive synchronous languages
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